Beautiful Boy Promo Shots

Last week I had the pleasure of doing the cast and action shots of Joey Blache’s new piece of writing Beautiful Boy that tells the story of John Lennon’s teenage years before joining the Beatles, his early friendship with Paul McCartney and living under the rules of his caring but strict aunty Mimi.  I began with doing some test shots inside the theatre of Canterbury College, however I wasn’t satisfied with the grainy quality that I was getting from my camera.  I suggested that to give the photos that extra pop, that I’d get my softboxes.  It was on my way to the car when I began to notice the little side streets of the lovely Canterbury.  Each one had some sort of timelessness to them. A touch of Muswell Hill where the Kinks once roamed in the early 60’s. This was perfect!  Everyone was up for it and we spent the next two hours having an utter blast.  We were free to move around and play with ideas and we lucky with Golden Hour approaching that was able to give this autumn golden effect to the photos!

Beautiful Boy is now playing  at the Gulbenkian Theatre.  Tickets on sale now!